where has research guidance gone in legacy 8


As of v8.0.0.409, Research Guidance has basically; well ... gone... but where?

Simple Answer

Well basically, Research Guidance has always been a tool and not a view.

Apart from the Legacy Home tab, all the other tabs are a different view of how your data is represented within Legacy. As such, Research Guidance didn't meet this criteria.

So Where is it?


Research Guidance - There is no longer a Research tab on the main views. Research Guidance is now requested by clicking the Research Guidance button on Tools > Other Tools


On the Family View, guidance is requested by right-clicking on the desired person and choosing Research Guidance from the submenu. This generates guidance for the current person.


Clicking the Research button that can now be added to the My Toolbar tab.

(You can now select a current person on the Pedigree, Descendant, and Index Views. (The Husband and Wife can still have a Research Guidance button on their toolbars.) This can also be done on the Pedigree, Descendant, and Index Views by right-clicking on a person and choosing Research Guidance.