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Back on 27 Jun 2012, Geoff Rasmussen presented his webinar, "Digital Images for Genealogists: Scanning, Editing and Preserving Your Photos". In this tutorial, he used Adobe PhotoShop Elements 10 showing how he made all his images in Legacy to be the same size, so when these images were included in the Legacy Chart - Descendant Standard using the Mug Shot Theme, instead of something like:

you can have your chart look like:


Problem is...

The software Geoff used cost money - $50-$100 depending on when and where you buy it. He also mentioned that he bought it on Cyber Monday and the price stated was un $US. In addition, he mentioned that he was using (at the time of the webinar) version 10 and that Adobe usually issue a new version around each September. Whether that hiolds true or not, at the time of writing this article (23 Mar 2013), PhotoShop Elements was at version 11, and here in Australia was priced at $123 from the Adobe online store.

Yes I could have paid for this software, but I have both:


so why should I have to pay for software that already does this job for me?

Geoff used the dimensions - 161 x 231 pixels. Although he said there was nothing special about those dimensions, for this tutorial I decided to keep them the same. How he resized the images is probably a little easier with PS Elements as it was just a matter of dropping a pre-sized image onto another then cropping.

It will be assumed that you have already installed either or both of the IrfanView or GIMP programs onto your computer.


Simply select the tab for the appropriate software and follow the instructions on that tab to recreate the same size images for all your photos.




  1. Navigate to the desired image
  2. Right Click the image in Windows Explorer
  3. Open with... > IrfanView
  4. Do ONLY one of the following:
    Mouse: Image > Resize/Resample
    Keyboard: Alt+I, M
    Shortcut: Ctrl+R

  5. Select 800 x 600 Pixels
  6. Make sure that the aspect ration option is checked. Click OK
  7. Do ONLY one of the following:
    Mouse: Edit > Create Custom Crop Selection...
    Keyboard: Alt+E, O
    Shortcut: Shift+C

  8. Set Ratio for width:height to None
  9. Set Selection size/position Width to 161 and Height to 231
  10. Select Pixels
  11. Click Save and Apply to Image
  12. You will notice a small outline rectangle in the top left corner of the image

  13. Right-click AND Drag at the same time to the position you want. You will notice the cursor change shape for this motion.

  14. Do ONLY one of the following:
    Mouse: Edit > Crop Selection
    Keyboard: Alt+E, R
    Shortcut: Ctrl+Y

  15. Do ONLY one of the following:
    Mouse: File > Save As...
    Keyboard: Alt+F, S
    Shortcut: S

  16. Navigate to where you want to save the file to...
  17. Give the file a decent name
  18. Select the appropriate Save As type
  19. Select the best quality
  20. Click the [Save] button



You can now download this tutorial to print off

Mug Shot Photos PDF