new south wales premiers


To include this timeline into Legacy, follow these simple steps 1, 2, 3...

Click each tab seperately and follow the instructions in each tab before proceeding to the next one.

Step 1

Download the timeline

Dowload *.ZIP Timeline

Save this file to your computer DESKTOP.

NOTE: The file is a TEXT file and zipped (compressed) for your convenience.


Step 2

You will need now to unpack the contents of this ZIP file into your Legacy Timelines directory :

The default Legacy Timeline directory is: C:\Legacy\Timelines\<language> 

Users tend to install Legacy that suits their needs/requirements, so you may find your installation at:


where X is the Drive label, and <path> is the path to the folder, and <language> is the desired language of the user such as:

C:\Program Files\Legacy\Timelines\<language> 
K:\Family History Software\Legacy\Timelines\<language> 

Remember - Legacy Family Tree is a 32 bit program.

When Legacy 8 is released, if you are running Windows 7 or later, Legacy will be installed in the following directory located:

C:\Program Files(x86)\Legacy

Therefore, you will now need to install your Legacy 8 timelines to the following directory:

C:\Program Files(x86)\Legacy\_AppData\Timelines\<language>

What's the difference between Program Files and Program Files(x86)?

Program Files(x86) - 32bit programs installed here
Program Files - 64bit programs installed here

1. Right-click the downloaded file
2. In the context menu, select Extract Files...
3. Navigate the directory tree to where you need to place the file
4. Click [OK]


Step 3

Open Legacy

View > Timelines

New Timeline