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The next Generation - version 10

This extremely popular piece of software was recently released on 12 February 2014. As my previous version was 9.2.0 (yes I skipped an update), I used the correct update to update from v9.2 to v10. Darrin has written specific instructions to update TNG from a number of different versions. This is because not everyone wishes to update their software everytime there is an update/upgrade. As I said, my previous version was v9.2.0; therefore, instead of getting an update for v9.2.2, I selected the second update which was labelled 9.x or higher. This meant it would also include any updates that were from 9.2 to 9.2.2 as well as all the inclusions to bring my software to version 10. The instructions are really self explanatory, especially if you take it one step at a time.


As a precaution, I turned off all mods that I had activated in my software. The reason behind this is because a lot of software created by other fellow TNG enthusiasts has been incorporated into the current version 10. Once you are satisfied that your update/upgrade has been successful, you can turn back on your mods as needed.

What's New & Improved in TNG 10:

Mobile-Friendly: No special app is required, but your site will look great and be much easier to use on your mobile device.

New Designs: Three new templates have been added, and the others have been updated to have more flexible layouts.

Responsive Design: Many of the standard pages have been restructured to fit better on smaller screens (like phones and tablets).

New Chart: A vertically-oriented chart of ancestors can now be displayed for each person in your tree.

Better Navigation: Wherever page numbers are listed, you're now able to enter a specific page number and jump directly to that page.

Media Uploads: It's now even easier to add photos with captions and link them to individuals.

Ahnentafel & Register: These reports of ancestors and descendants now give you the option to show more or less detail.

Creating a GEDCOM: You'll see more options when exporting your data for use in another program.

Add-ons: Several popular user-created modifications have been included (age calculation, show/hide events and media).

Branches: These tree subdivisions are now easier to define and maintain.

Plus more than 50 other improvements! See a complete list of all changes here in a new window.